Apr 042014

Ok I may not be the fastest kid on the block but I just found these in my local Porn shop (Sorry I mean Staples):



These bandits are basically mini bungees with a hook from Quirky invented by the awesome Marque. They are certainly quirky and I can’t see the end of their usefulness.

Though it would be nice to have some with the hook pointing the other way as the hook size is perfect to hold a pen onto a Notebook.

Learn all about them here on this handy timeline.

The box of ten that I bought included a little pamphlet listing all the people that influenced it ;)
You can get these awesome Quirky Bandits BND-1-CW1 Rubber Bands with Hooks (10 Pack Multi-Coloured) from Amazon too

Feb 202014

Ok so my previous list was um err kinda forgotten about. I have only managed to meet Ian Somerhalder from that list but I have done so many more exiting things that wasn’t on the list since then. Time I started a new list Anyone want to help me achieve any of these? Go to [...]

Jan 172014

Does anyone know what this car is? All I know is: “This is Samuel Platt chauffeur to Edward Stuart Clark (1872-1932) in Edward’s car – the first car in the village. I think it is a Riley or a Bull-nose Morris (an expert would be able to identify it). The photograph was taken outside Llay [...]