Apr 042014

Ok I may not be the fastest kid on the block but I just found these in my local Porn shop (Sorry I mean Staples):



These bandits are basically mini bungees with a hook from Quirky invented by the awesome Marque. They are certainly quirky and I can’t see the end of their usefulness.

Though it would be nice to have some with the hook pointing the other way as the hook size is perfect to hold a pen onto a Notebook.

Learn all about them here on this handy timeline.

The box of ten that I bought included a little pamphlet listing all the people that influenced it ;)
You can get these awesome Quirky Bandits BND-1-CW1 Rubber Bands with Hooks (10 Pack Multi-Coloured) from Amazon too

Feb 202014

Ok so my previous list was um err kinda forgotten about.

I have only managed to meet Ian Somerhalder from that list but I have done so many more exiting things that wasn’t on the list since then.

Time I started a new list

Anyone want to help me achieve any of these?

  1. Go to the Taj Mahal and seek out my families history in India
  2. Visit the Grand Canyon before it erupts.
  3. Shake John Cusack’s Hand
  4. Work for Apple
  5. Get up on stage and sing something
  6. Go back to Morocco by myself with my rucksack
  7. Go to Florence to find my ancestors grave
  8. Go on an archaeological dig – at least doing something productive without getting in the way
  9. Go and watch TopGear being filmed
  10. Drive a Lotus Exige (with or without Richard Hammond)
  11. Be an extra on a film/tv show (need some professional photos)
  12. Start writing a book
  13. Sit in the cockpit of a Spitfire
  14. Win an award for something worthwhile
  15. Help out with a charity abroad
  16. Move house (this is a very difficult thing for me)
  17. Get Married – well at least a Pagan Handfasting if only a year and a day one to start with.
  18. Get to the Hobbit Premiere and get a Middle Earth stamp in my passport
  19. Learn another foreign language
  20. Go to Uni
  21. Clean my car and get it serviced
  22. Swim
  23. Lose weight
Jan 172014

Does anyone know what this car is?


All I know is:

“This is Samuel Platt chauffeur to Edward Stuart Clark (1872-1932) in Edward’s car – the first car in the village. I think it is a Riley or a Bull-nose Morris (an expert would be able to identify it). The photograph was taken outside Llay Place Hall.”

Edward Stuart Clark was my Grand Uncle ;) EdwardStuartCarEdwardStuartCar

Jun 242013

A Stonehenge Sunrise, a set on Flickr. Early this morning I was lucky enough to be part of an intimate Druid gathering celebrating the Solstice and the Full Moon. After a little confusion due to road being closed we found our way back to the old car park and were let into the stones at [...]

Jun 092013

The trouble with reviews is that you’ve no idea where that person is coming from or exactly what they mean when they talk about that thing. I cannot be objective about this book and thus give a decent review.  I’m very passionate about history and get terribly excited about old buildings to the point of [...]