Feb 262012

What can you tell me about these two men?
I understood they were father and son but which is which? When where they painted?
Probably painted in London definitely 19thC.
They were both cut down from full size and no obvious signature though they are rather dirty.

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  1. The one on the left could be 1800-1810, but also late 1820s through to 1850-ish. The hairstyle looks more 1800-10. The upright collar suggests more 1800 – early 1830s (more likely to be turned over at the tips after that). The black neck tie is probably day wear, and despite its extravagance, the outfit overall is subdued in colour so more like late 1820s to early 1830s. My first thought was 1830s-40s – something about the style of the painting – though it’s a little obscure.

    The chap on the right definitely looks earlier to me. If you hadn’t said they’re definitely 19th century, I would have said late 1780s to 1790s – after the Powder Tax is brought in. See National Portrait Gallery – Large Image – NPG 4202; William Strahan http://bit.ly/zrsPTS for an example of a very similar outfit, down to the lace cuffs. It’s a very high quality portrait – really beautiful painting.

  2. Thanks so much! That’s really interesting ;)

    I thought the Man in the red on the right was the father, born 1805 died 1885 and the man in black his son 1848 to 1900. I guess not then.
    The family were relatively poor before the father came to london to make his fortune in around 1815 so if it is earlier than that it can’t be him. His father was a market gardener in Leeds so no idea who this is. Unless its a younger brother.

    Yes I Love them. I have one and my sister the other. Apparently they were full length but cut down to fit in a smaller house. They need cleaning but I’ve never found a signature but then it might have gone with the cutting. Thank you so much!