Aug 312012

Thought I would check this as it’s a Blue Moon ‘nall. Today has been another day of sitting on my sofa trying to be productive. The Moon was full at 14:58 GMT but you can still work with her tonight after the sun has gone down ;)

Exploring new ideas
Restlessness is not always a bad thing. It might propel you into making an interesting journey, or exploring new ideas, books, or avenues of self- expression that you might not have thought of at less edgy times. Your mind is likely to be a bit hyperactive right now, but don’t be alarmed: it’s as if you suddenly realised that your brain is hungry for new stimuli, and you feel unaccountably bored. You could direct that restless energy into something creative, while avoiding pointless rushing about. Blurting out things which could upset and hurt others is not a good idea just now, but formulating and articulating your thoughts clearly could help to resolve a tense situation. And by all means take a journey, but don’t be in too much of a hurry, and attend to what’s going on around you. Otherwise, you might miss worthwhile things along the way.


Transit selected for today (by user):
Full Moon in 3rd house,  8°34 3, exact at 15:58  
active only on 31 August 2012

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Full Moon In Pisces: Ride the Wave!

Aug 292012
Something new
Valid during several weeks: This is a good time for any kind of study and education, because you are intellectually eager for knowledge and new experiences. You want to take a larger view of life in order to see how the various parts fit together to make up the whole. Any new and interesting phenomenon from a world outside your own is likely to attract your attention at this time. Subjects relating to foreign places, the law, philosophy or higher knowledge of any kind will engage your attention. It is possible that you may have some dealings with officials connected with the law, although you should not fear this possibility particularly. It is a good time to travel, because your curiosity makes travel very interesting to you. You are also quite open to alternative lifestyles at this time.
The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mercury in the 9th House,  9,
activity period from 28 August 2012 to 18 September 2012


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Feb 262012

I noticed this since I recognised Venus beneath the moon last evening

Planets in Pisces












Then just had a look on StarMap Pro today and there seems to be rather an impressive line up now

Interesting Lineup

Sorry I couldn’t get them all on one screen and the angle I was holding the phone doesn’t show it but they are all in a line there

Just curious about what’s going on ;)

Jun 152011

This coming Wednesday evening, on 15 June, there will be a total eclipse of the Moon. From southern parts of the UK, the Moon will rise totally eclipsed, and the majority of the second half of the total phase will be visible, provided observers have a clear, unobstructed south-eastern horizon. Sadly, from locations further north, with moonrise occurring later in the evening, most of the total phase will be over before the Moon rises; those in northern Scotland will miss totality entirely. Indeed, observers throughout Europe will miss the early stages of the eclipse because they occur before moonrise.

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