Apr 042014

Ok I may not be the fastest kid on the block but I just found these in my local Porn shop (Sorry I mean Staples):



These bandits are basically mini bungees with a hook from Quirky invented by the awesome Marque. They are certainly quirky and I can’t see the end of their usefulness.

Though it would be nice to have some with the hook pointing the other way as the hook size is perfect to hold a pen onto a Notebook.

Learn all about them here on this handy timeline.

The box of ten that I bought included a little pamphlet listing all the people that influenced it ;)
You can get these awesome Quirky Bandits BND-1-CW1 Rubber Bands with Hooks (10 Pack Multi-Coloured) from Amazon too

Oct 242012

I’ve just placed an order for a couple of lovely items from  http://www.scottevest.com. I will review them as soon as I get them in but i thought I should let you know that they are doing a 50% on International shipping which is due to run out very soon.

SeV Fleece 7.0 Jacket: So Advanced We Got Ahead of Ourselves

SeV Fleece 7.0 Jacket: So Advanced We Got Ahead of Ourselves

Scottevest make very cool tech supporting clothing for men and women. Full of pockets in just the right places for your gadgets including the iPad and through clever design manage your cables so that you don’t strangle yourself.

So more about the delivery deal ;) “This is a limited time offer from October 18th 12:01AM GMT to 11:59PM GMT October 26th!  This is our biggest international shipping deal yet, and you can take advantage of some great deals.  



We love our international customers, and wanted to do something nice for you.  Our brand new Fleece 7.0 is in stock and shipping now, as is our Men’s Trench and Chloe Bling Hoodies for Women!

You automatically get 50% off shipping on ALL items you buy (even travel accessories and our daily sale items) through this weekend with no promo code required.  We also have some brand new items for women.  And don’t forget, you can pay with PayPal!


  • This deal applies only to non-U.S. addresses and lasts from 12:01 AM Greenwich Mean Time October 18th until 11:59 PM GMT on October 26th.  With customers all over the world, this was the best way to set up the dates/times of the sale.
  • The shipping price you see during checkout is the discounted price.  The 50% shipping deduction is taken before the shipping price is displayed, so your shipping cost is the amount that appears during checkout.  This discount applies to shipping costs only: there may be additional duties, tariffs or taxes charged by your country, but we have no control over that.
  • No promo code is required to save 50% off shipping… just check out as usual.  This means that you can use any other promo code you have (daily sale, etc.) to save on the products, and then save on the shipping!”

So if you want something before my review check out @Documentally’s reviews or just dive in and place your order. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed


More about the shipping


Jul 212012


So this just arrived ;) I’m loving it so far. I wanted a mixture between this and the sadly only available in the US Business Folio case. That one has pockets and space for a provided note pad, and the really cute polishing square.

I really wanted a case that would give a portrait stand and this certainly does that. It feels stable and secure. There is a pen/stylus loop that is annoyingly underneath so you have to take the pen out when you want to use the pad. You can fold it backwards but thats with the soft inner lining folded outside that I don’t like doing.

It’s stylish and feels secure and protective. We’ll see how it holds up over time. It is bulkier than some of the sleeves but  I’m happy with that to have my portrait stand view as well as the landscape.

I bought the Targus Pen Stylus to go with it. It looks chic and sexy and the biro is lovely to write with. I don’t know where one can get refills for it., I shall find out from Targus if they sell them.  The stylus nib on the end is not as good as the retractable Kensington mini one  that I’ve been using for a while now. The Kensington is great to write with and useful small but like the reviewer in the link I wouldn’t trust the accompanying attach to connector holder. I’ve added a phone  string clip thing to the end and now its attached to my lanyard/work security pass.

I got them both from Amazon in the end for £39. I went into John Lewis on the way home as I don’t like waiting for things but it was £44 RRP for the case and apparently they won’t’ Price Match the internet. Their loss.   I went back to the stand and using the Amazon iPhone app scanned the barcode and ordered it then and there. Hah!

I chose the free 3-5 day delivery and it arrived on the second day ;)


Mar 222012


I was watching My Week With Marilyn yesterday in the coach down to London yesterday. She looks good on the New iPad doesn’t she? If you haven’t seen this I really recommend it. Eddie is brilliant and Michelle is practically channelling Marilyn. Kenneth loses Olivier a bit. I wasn’t very impressed with Vivian but Dame Judy is marvellous. Dominic’s Milton is slimy enough. Dougray’s Miller was well done. It’s a sweet, charming movie but has very dark undercurrents as poor Marilyn is controlled and confused by those she is supposed to trust?
Her time with Colin is a breath of fresh air.

Random aside what is it with media these days using my family names?!?!
My father wouldn’t mind though I think he’d have loved this, his claim to movie fame was being asked to play Tarzan. Being 6ft 5 and dashingly handsome he’d have given Weissmuller some serious competition :)
When is Revenge back on? I approve of that version of me :)